rswt is a python library for the RobertSonics Wav Trigger audio player. Individual tracks can be triggered by 16 digitial inputs. Full control of the player is possible with a Midi controller or through the serial port interface of the WavTrigger.


The rswt library makes all of the audio player commands available to your python code.

>>> from rswt import WavTrigger
>>> wt=WavTrigger('/dev/ttyUSB0')
>>> wt.stopAll()
>>> wt.close()

Download and install

The source code for the project is on Github. Python 2 code using the library needs to be at 2.7. Python 3 code is supported for all versions >= 3.3.

Install from Github

The latest version of the library is always on the rswt release page. The code for the project is in a single file :

Download and unzip rswt-<version>.zip file which is tagged as Latest release. Add the file to your project sources and you're done.

rswt requires the pyserial library to be available on the system.

Install with pip

The latest release of the module is also on PyPI. Install the module with

pip install rswt

For developing with Python 3 code run

pip3 install rswt

Installation using pip will automatically install the pyserial library if it is not found on the target system.


Install the library and

Known bugs

One bug with WavTrigger firmwware versions < 1.21 see issues

Revision History

May 2, 2015 : First public release
September 13, 2015 : added support for the onboard amplifier


If you find an error or if you are looking for a special feature not yet covered in the existing code, please open a new issue on the github project page. If you don't have a github account (and don't want one) send your questions, objections or corrections to

License (The software)

The sourcecode for this library is released under the Terms of a MIT-style license